Our Vision - A Special Appeal

Our vision to establish an authentic ashram in Greece is taking shape…take a look at the property we have recently bought, which is surrounded by a circle of mountains and is only five minutes from the paradisaical Lake Doxa...

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Satchitananda’s first spiritual experiences of meditation and Awareness-Brahman, began when he was just 5 years old…at 15 years old, he started a deep search of religions, philosophy and other paths of Self-Realization and Enlightenment...

overhead shot of landmass in mediterranean sea

Discover the Ashram

The Ashram will be a self-sustaining, spiritual, Eco-community, a sacred village and a place of refuge for those like-minded beings who wish to immerse themselves in nature and a pure spiritual vibration…

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For Advaita Vedanta videos by Satchitananda and more besides, check out our video page...

The very effort to find happiness, love and bliss, is the obstruction to it